Will Management Succeed at Killing Agile?

And can true leadership save it?

Pre-Historic Agile

Software Agile, the Original Humanist Agile

Agile Spreads

Link to article here (http://bit.ly/MD-NOCO-Test)

The Agile Toolbox

Feel-Good Agile

Foolproof and Feckless Agile

Wondering if your implementation sucks?

  • Teams are a bit happier (it is hard to mess this one up)
  • Stakeholders or clients don’t really participate or “get it”
  • No change in managerial style or interaction — managers still manage the same way, assigning work to people and telling them when and how to do it
  • No reduction in the intensity of managing
  • No change in velocity of work or quality
  • New excuses for why it is late (“your work didn’t make it into this sprint, sorry!”)
  • Stand-up meeting has poor attendance or low energy

Commercialized Agile

How I Discovered Humanist Agile

Agile as Anything Management Wants

The Choice: Humanistic Agile or Traditional Management?



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